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PPG iOS Phonem FAQ

Is there a manual?

You can read the PDF Manual here or download as zip file here.

Please note, that you get instant help in the context menu of most modules.

How do I start working with my own bank?

If you own our other apps, you may find the Phonem browser a bit different. Here we don't have the limit of 100 programs anymore. Instead of banks we use lists which contain the names of programs. The programs themself are located in a pool. Please watch this little tutorial to see how it works.

But now back to the question:

  1. Tap the NEW button in the Target List module
  2. Enter a name for the list and tap OK. Now the new list is loaded as the Target List

As is shown in the video, new created presets are appended to the active list. To transfer these presets to your new list, just tap the Add to Target button for each preset.

Where are my new programs?

If you created new presets but forgot to save the list, you can easily get them back, by selecting List my programs (MY) or List new programs (NEW) in the list selector.

Can i turn off these messages about saving?

On the SETUP page in the GLOBAL menu you can do that.