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PPG WaveMapper 2 Plugin FAQ

Is there a manual?

A PDF Manual can be downloaded here

Please note, that you get instant help in the context menu of most modules.

How do I start working with my own bank?
  1. Click the Browser button to enter the Sound Browser page
  2. Click "New Bank" in the "Bank Manager" module (lower part part on the left)
  3. Enter the name for the bank and click "OK". Now the name of the new bank will be displayed as the "Target Bank" (which is always in the lower part)
  4. Click the drop-down menu of the "Program Manager" module (upper part) and select your new bank as the new active bank
  5. Create a new patch by either using "Save As" or "Init new" at the "Save" tab to the right of the patch name display in the top bar of the app.
  6. If you started from the Init patch, change the patch name in the top bar.
How do I copy programs from one bank to another?
  1. Load the bank where you want to copy from in the "Program Manager" (upper part).
  2. Load the bank where you want to copy to in the "Bank Manager" (lower part).
  3. Now select the desired program in the browser and tab on "Copy to Target"
  4. When finished select the Target bank in the upper selector and you will see the copied programs in the browser.
After analysing sounds I get error messages

It seems like there is an invalid resource name in a preset or in a multi. When the analyser places a new sound into a program it marks it with a "+" sign. Then when you save the resource in the analyser, the + is removed. If you forget to save and switch to another program and back, you will get the alert.
You can fix this by manually loading the resource into the preset which causes the message. Or if it is in a multi, just reload the zone again.

Please watch the video on analysing sounds and using them in WaveMapper 2.

My plugin does not work anymore after replacing my hard-disk

Should you have a hard drive crash or replace the main board of your computer your License becomes invalid. In that case please use the installer you downloaded to install the product again.

Can I use my software on more than one machine?

Yes. This is no problem as long as you are the only user. You can use the code on a maximum of three computers.

Updates and installation problems