Wolfgang Palm

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PPG WaveMapper 2 Plugin

The PPG WaveMapper first appeared as an iOS App and received widespread acclaim from public and press alike.

The PPG WaveMapper 2 plugin comes with a very flexible synth engine, capable of playing material from classic wavetables as well as samples and a new type which we call "Time corrected sample" (TCS). This type still has the advantage of wavetables, which is totally random access of the material, but preserving the authentic sound of the original sample.

Wolfgang Palm's second iOS synth is just as impressive as his first. Again, PPG WaveMapper is one of the most complex and impressive sounding instruments on the App Store.

WaveMapper 2 has three oscillators which are totally independant in the sound resources they play and in the access of the material. Each oscillator has its own WaveMap with up to 16 zones, filled with any combination of the resources. The control of the zones can be done by the keyboard, which we call Multitabling, or by a path which tells the engine how to playback the material.

So, if the depth and complexity of WaveGenerator was a tad too intimidating for users, WaveMapper has that problem solved with real innovation and an interface that brings the fun of sound design to a whole new generation of producers.
Francis Preve (Keyboard Magazine)

The synthesizer is controlled by over 200 parameters, which you can directly program on the two editor pages. In addition to that there is the SoundMap which acts as a module manipulation tool. You change the sound by moving the 8 icons to different fields on the Map. These fields are loaded with programs which then define the results of the morphing. Thus the user can setup his own "themes" of sounds he wants to generate with a setup. The morphing can be done rapidly or in a very soft changing morph from one sound into another.

The build in Analyser lets you convert your own samples into resources the synth can use in its oscillators.

WaveMapper 2 comes already with more than 300 resources and a huge number of presets made by our sounddesigner team. The browser page allows you to list and sort your sounds. Besides that you can exchange single presets with another bank of sounds.

A comfortable browser lets you sort the sound programs; you can categorize and rate them. Also complete custom sound banks may be created. All significant parameters are controllable via Automation and external MIDI. There is a built in context specific help for all pages and modules. PPG WaveMapper 2 comes with more than 300 sounds of all categories, created by our sound designer team.

The FX page contains a Delay / Reverb module, the Arptor and global settings. The Arptor is a combination of a small step sequencer and arpeggiated playback, which can be synced to your DAW.

The Modifier page contains the modules for the subtractive part of the synthesizer plus the Noisegenerators and Ringmodulator.

Key Features

About WaveMapping

Wavemapping uses visual cues to enable sound design. This may not sound too revolutionary, however it is a completely different way of programming sounds: you do not start with a lot of detailed setting, but with a combined set of parameters which you can move around with the mouse. And the combination of those parameters belonging to a Module make sense of course, it gives the user (being experienced or not) a very fast way for creating unique sounds.

New analysis / synthesis system

WaveMapper 2 uses a new the synthesis system, which can be seen as a bridge between wavetables and samples. In wavetable systems you have great flexibility in controlling the sound, but sound material is limited to harmonic, noise-free waveforms. On the other hand there are samplers, which have very high sound quality, but very limited editing features. In WaveMapper 2 there is a new type, which we call "time corrected sample" (TCS). This can reproduce a much wider palette of sounds then classic wavetables, but still allows for a total control of the access via an envelope or LFOs.

WaveMapper 2 is a powerful new synth for professional musicians and is the ideal partner app for those who already own the PPG WaveGenerator.