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PPG WaveGenerator Plugin

PPG WaveGenerator is the latest development from the inventor of wavetable synthesis, Wolfgang Palm. It is a next generation synthesizer, building on the heritage of the PPG Wave keyboards.

The PPG WaveGenerator first appeared as an iOS App and received widespread acclaim from public and press alike.

PPG WaveGenerator may be an app, but it is as powerful as any VI you''ll have on your desktop. This implementation of wavetable synthesis is as fresh and exciting as the day its predecessor was introduced.
Sound On Sound

WaveGenerator comes with a multitude of wavetables. The sound material contains the typical sounds from the original PPG wave models, as well as many new sounds generated by versatile analysis tools and also hand edited waves. This plugin enables the user, to create his own wavetables in a playful way, and to hear the result immediately. Also you can construct the waves by adding harmonics very precise. Another way is to transform a picture into a wavetable. You can load bitmaps and directly hear the result as wavetable sweep. The waves are collected in a grid of 256 fields, to which the 3 oscillators of the synthesizer have arbitrary and independent access.

One of the best, most professional synths on iPad, Wavegenerator will knock the socks off PPG fans and newcomers alike.
Computer Music

The Parameters of the synthesizer are divided into modules, which allows easy, yet powerful editing. It contains 3 oscillators with independent control of pitch and waveform. Each oscillator has its own glide, which gives a very dynamic sound. With a sophisticated routing system, the diverse modulation sources can be connected to all important control points. The complexity of WaveGenerator is comparable with a modular system.

The Parameter page can be splitted, to give access to the WaveGrid when editing the oscillators.

The schematic keyboard is configurable totally freely, so you can setup all well-known musical scales, but also all imaginable custom scales that best fit into your music. PPG WaveGenerator benefits from the knowledge we collected from our iPad product. So you have features like X/Y control after the key on event. All these controls can be recorded inot your DAW.

A comfortable browser lets you sort the sound programs; you can categorize and rate them. Also complete custom sound banks may be created. All significant parameters are controllable via Automation and external MIDI. There is a built in context specific help for all pages and modules. PPG WaveGenerator comes with more than 300 sounds of all categories, created by our sound designer team.

The FX page contains a Delay / Echo module, the Arptor, the Image transformer and global settings. The Arptor is a combination of a small step sequencer and arpeggiated playback, which can be synced to your DAW.

With the Image transformer you can transform a picture into a wavetable!

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