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PPG iOS MiniMapper FAQ

You get instant help in the context menu of most modules. You open it by tapping on the PPG logo.

The most important functions you reach through the main menu by tapping on the Name field. Please note, that this field works as Name editor when you are on the Browser page.

How do I start working with my own bank?
  1. Tap the Browser button to enter the Sound Browser page
  2. Tap again to get to the Bank Manager page
  3. Tap "New Bank" (on the right side)
  4. Enter the name for the bank and tap "OK". Now the name of the new bank will be displayed as the "Target Bank" (which is always in the right half)
  5. Tap the drop-down menu of the "Source" module (left part) and select your new bank as the new active bank
  6. Now switch back to one of the parameter pages and use "Save As" or "Init new" from the main menu.
  7. If you started from the Init patch, change the patch name in the top bar.
How do I copy programs from one bank to another?
  1. Load the bank where you want to copy from in the "Program Manager" (left part).
  2. Load the bank where you want to copy to in the "Bank Manager" (right part).
  3. Now select the desired program in the browser and tap on "Copy to Target"
  4. When finished select the Target bank in the upper selector and you will see the copied programs in the browser.
How many voices should I expect?

This varies from device to device and also what background apps you have running at the same time. It also depends on the sound used - sounds with shorter release times will allow the audio engine in the iPad to give more voices without loss of sound or stuttering.
We have achieved one of the best sounding Apps on the market as well as higher voice performance than other apps, but as always is the case, there will be limitations in the iOS environment.

Is there a MIDI mapping list for the parameters?

Have a look into the context menu on the MIDI page. there you find the CC List.

Using PPG MiniMapper with Audiobus

To get best performance set the Audio Quality to Premium and the Audio Mix on. If necessary reduce the number of voices.

There seems to be a delay when I send MIDI from my DAW and playback.

This is a common problem with many DAWs and external MIDI devices, you need to account for this by using a negative delay on the MIDI tracks that are sending to external devices, so that they play slightly ahead of the rest of the tracks to account for this.
To measure the delay time first create a MIDI track with pattern of a simple 4 beats per bar, then use this to trigger a percussive hard type sound on your external synth. Route the sound back into your DAW and then record the incoming signal. After recording one or two bars, then zoom into the audio and use the grid to measure the delay in ms to see what the delay time is between the original MIDI notes and the audio you have recorded.
This is the delay you should set for those MIDI channels sending to your iOS device.

Sound output is chopped or stuttering.

This happens when the processor load on the iPad is too high.
It may be caused by too many audio apps running in background, and also on the number of voices MiniMapper wants to play. So please reduce the number of voices on the setup page, and close as many apps as possible. To do so, double tap the home button, then tab and hold each audio producing app you do not need, until the red circle with a minus sign appears. tap on that minus sign.